A rich history

The Ordingen Castle is located in the village of Ordingen,
in the city of Sint-Truiden, south of the Belgian province of Limburg,
near the famous Melsterbeek river.


Lords of Ordinances
from 1040

Oldest History

Ordingen Castle originated in the early Middle Ages as a border guard of the county of Loon. Later, this county became part of the principality of Liège. Castle lords will rule Ordingen until the beginning of the 17th century.

"les délices
du pays liège"

Le chateau d’Ordange - 1633

'The Teutense' order

25 commanders during
two centuries

The castle commanders and the Teutonic Order

Then the castle is sold to the commander of the Biesen barrio of the Teutonic Order. For two centuries, Ordinances had 25 commanders who, especially in the 18th century, were represented on site by stewards. Commander Hendrik van Hoensbroeck made himself conspicuous by the extensive restoration of the castle.

The french revolution

from german bombardment
to complete renovation

From the French Revolution to the 21st century

At the beginning of the 19th century, the wealthy coal baron Charles Pitteurs-Hiégaeerts acquired the property. When the man died in 1863, the property was taken over by his third son Léon, a lifelong baron and mayor of Ordingen. He thoroughly rebuilt the castle in 1879 and amassed a large art collection. The next owner, in 1902, was his unmarried son Antoine.

A German bombing raid in 1940, difficulties with restoration files and family disputes were the reason for another sale. Antoine died in 1962, the castle was sold in 1964 to a general practitioner from Tongeren, Henri Beckers. This owner renovated the west corner tower and the gatehouse. Together with his son Gerard, Henri Beckers ran a restaurant and tavern in the Commandeurshuis.


The hotel with 34 suites,
Aurum restaurant*
& bistro richard

A restoration of 21 years instead of 5

In 1997 Henri Beckers sold the castle to the present owner, the Bemas company with Richard Sleurs as manager.

The restoration of the castle took a little longer than planned: 21 years instead of 5. But when castle owner Richard Sleurs (73) does something, he certainly doesn't do it half way.

For example, the hotel has 34 suites, designed by the well-known decorator Pieter Porters. Chef Gary Kirchens is at the helm of the Aurum restaurant, which has been awarded its first Michelin star since May 2022. Next to the hotel and restaurant will be Bistro Richard, a high-level brasserie.